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Safer injecting

Safer injecting

  • NevershareWash your hands and clean the injection site
  • Choose a quiet, safe place to inject
  • Ensure the surfaces you prepare on are clean
  • Whenever possible, use a sterile spoon and dry, clean filter available from needle exchange services and PIP PAC
  • Avoid torn filters or exposed fibres as they can end up being injected and cause problems
  • Never share your injecting equipment
  • If you have to re-use equipment make sure it’s yours
  • Use a sharps bin whenever possible. If not available improvise; eg: use a plastic drinks bottle with cap
  • Only recap needles if a sharps bin or alternative is not available
  • It’s always best to only recap your own needle to avoid risk of infection
  • Take your sharps bin to a needle exchange for safe disposal

Safer injecting crystal meth

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Safer injecting mephedrone

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Needle and syringe supplies

Drug and Alcohol Services: Search by Post Code | NHS Choices
PIP PAC 2.0: safer chemsex pack for gay men | PIP PAC
Injecting Supplies | Exchange Supplies

Some NHS sexual health clinics are providing needles and syringes; eg: 56 Dean Street/ Dean Street Express (Soho) and Burrell Street Clinic (Southwark).

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