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Building this website and researching content we've trawled and stumbled across some great vlogs. While some are a tad saccharin, self-indulgent and/ or shouty others are a great watch and a testament to how far we have come in recent years. So, here are a handful of vlogs that have caught our eye, and our selection.

From late 2017, we stopped updating our list as the gay vlog pioneers (from only a few years ago) seem to have morphed into sales-reps, and spawned a new generation of pale imitations, seemingly more interested in selling you something than providing an insight into the lives they share with followers. While some vlogs remain inspirational, they are two-for-a-penny these days. We're probably being a bit grouchy but the vlogs listed here still provide a springboard from where you can explore.

Calum McSwiggan | Calum McSwiggan | UK
Doug Armstrong | Doug Armstrong | UK
Dan and Jon | Dan and Jon | UK
Trent and Luke | Trent and Luke | UK

AsapSCIENCE | Mitchell and Gregory | CAN

Mark E Miller | Mark and Ethan | USA
Ethan Hethcote | Ethan and Mark | USA
SupDaily06 | Chris Thompson (LGBT+ friendly) | USA
wickydkewl | Davey Wavey | USA
Two Beeps | John and Jeremy | USA
V-Squared | Luke and Vinny | USA
Lush | Matthew Lush | USA
Travis and Jack | Travis and Jack | USA
Matt and Blue | Matt and Blue | USA

Lorenzo and Pedro | Lorenzo and Pedro | PT

And a nod to Caleb Anthony and Kordale Lewis, from Atlanta USA, who sadly broke up shortly after we first drafted this section in 2015:

Kordale and Kaleb | Kordale and Kaleb | 13 Jan 2015 | 9m06s
Instagram’s hot gay dads Kordale and Kaleb break up | | 31 Jul 2015
Kordale And Kaleb, Gay Black Fathers, Respond To Twitter Outrage Over Instagram Photos | Huffington Post | 17 Jan 2014

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