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The theatre has always attracted those who have a flair for the fabulous and in recent years we’ve seen a real surge in 'gay plays' on both The West End and the fringe. If you’re looking to see more LGBT-themed shows then a good place to start is always with the established companies and theatres. Main theatres like to programme at least one gay-interest play a season (the pink pound is very lucrative after all) so a quick web-search for ‘LGBT shows in London’ will usually throw something up. Check out what The National Theatre has on or have a browse through the listings on What's On Stage. There’s usually a tour of Pricilla or Cabaret showing somewhere nearby and through websites like you can often pick up a good deal on tickets to a lot of the main shows.

However, if you’re feeling brave and fancy venturing off the beaten track then there are some amazing fringe venues that programme gay work. Check out Above the Stag Theatre who are the only venue in London to programme purely LGBT-themed work. Also check out Duckie who do a weekly cabaret in Vauxhall showcasing all things queer and quirky as well as creating big, interactive shows like the recent Border Force which looked at queer perceptions around the world. These companies are a little harder to find but once you track them down you begin to notice others like them popping up all around you.

The beauty of fringe compared to some of the more mainstream shows is that fringe is often smaller scale and less-worried about profit margins thus is often more avant guarde and 'out there'. Although, by the same token, there are some truly terrible plays out there which you will probably want to avoid with a barge-pole. It all depends on how much of a risk you want to take with something you haven’t heard of before. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with sticking to an old classic like Rocky Horror where you know what to expect and you know it will be fabulous!

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