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Coming out to yourself

LGBT books and literature

 This Book Is Gay UK | James Dawson | Hot Key Books (2014)
On Growing Up: A Guide CAN | Ryan Kerr (2010)
 The Complete Guide to Gay Life for New Explorers US | Michael Ryan | Author House (2014)
 It's OK to be Gay: Celebrity Coming Out Stories UK | Edited by Alison Stokes | Accent Press (2013)

Gay's the Word

While you may instinctively reach for Amazon we urge you to visit your local bookshop instead. For those of you visiting or if you live in London  Gay's the Word bookshop is a must go to destination. Two minutes walk from Russell Square tube station, it's is the only specifically lesbian and gay book store in the UK. And here's your map. It recently appeared as a primary location in the film Pride which, BTW, we thought was rather good. Gay's the Word is also on Facebook with books, events and news.

We would also like to give a nod to Terry's Sanderson's "How to be a Happy Homosexual: A Guide for Gay Men" (The Other Way Press; 1986 - 5th 1999 revised edition) which was the essential coming out bible for many years. Also, Patriic Gayle's "Together: A Guide to Love, Life and Lube" (Gay Times Books, 2002), the first book of its kind to look at gay men's health holistically. Though out of print, both books are available.

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