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Using condoms

 We just couldn't give it to you straight, so here is our take on using condoms.

  1. If you’re going to fuck make sure you have condoms and lube to hand and remove all pets and ex-boyfriends from the area!
  2. Checking the use-by date first, take the rubber out of its wrapper avoiding sharp/jagged finger nails, teeth and cheap jewellery.
  3. With a thumb and forefinger pinch the end of the condom as this will get rid of the air and make room for the cum.
  4. Make sure it’s not upside down or you won’t be going anywhere!
  5. Roll it all the way down your dick. A hard dick makes this easier to do but it may go soft at this point. Simply work up some steam and – using a new condom, try again later.
  6. Place some lube on a finger or two and gently work it up his arsehole. He’ll get more pleasure if he’s relaxed and the condom is less likely to tear.
  7. Smother your dick with lube and ask him if he’s ready before putting it up his arse.
  8. Enter slowly, checking he's OK. If you go in quickly you could hurt him. Once inside, off you go…   checking occasionally to see that the condom is still in place and intact.
  9. When you’ve finished, hold the condom at the base of your dick before pulling out. You don’t want to lose it up his arse do you?
  • Condoms do make a difference: You can’t feel as much and they can be awkward to use, BUT using them with lube every time you get fucked or fuck greatly reduces the risk of HIV infection and other STIs.
  • Condoms help protect against other sexually transmitted infections including gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis, and NSU.
  • Wanking with condoms can also improve your technique and get you used to the idea/feel of using them.
  • Don’t leave condoms lying around for children to find as there is a risk of suffocation! Knot it, wrap it in a tissue or loo roll and bin it. (Not down the toilet, it may well bob back up).
  • Take a break... put on the kettle... leave… start again... or fall asleep in his arms.

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