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Undetectable = Untransmittable

U=UU=U means Undetectable = Untransmittable which essentially means if someone with HIV has an undetectable viral load then they cannot pass on the virus through sex. Over the last year, HIV organisations across the world  have joined the U=U campaign to endorse the statement that HIV sexual transmission does not occur when viral load is undetectable on HIV medication or antiretroviral therapy (ART). While the impact of HIV medication on reducing HIV transmission has been known for a long time,  it's new to say ART stops sexual transmission completely. This change is especially important given that prejudice and discrimination against HIV positive people is still widespread.

One of those chats | Ending HIV NZ | 31 May 2018 | 1m

In 2016, we saw data from the PARTNER study which followed 888 sero-different couples, where one partner was HIV positive and had an undetectable viral load and the other partner was HIV negative. After six years and over 60,000 condom-less sex acts later the study has reported ZERO linked partner-to-partner infections. At the International AIDS Society 2017 conference, there was even more evidence from the Opposites Attract study which followed 343 gay couples, where again one partner was undetectable and the other was HIV negative. The data showed once again that there were ZERO linked partner-to-partner infections.

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